Apple may punish you for not owning an iPhone.

You have no recourse. And no one cares.

Joel Cannon
4 min readDec 7, 2021



Since our government has hopelessly given up on regulating tech companies, the only thing we can do when big tech abuses us is tell others. At least we can do that. For now.

So here we go.

I’ve used Mac computers for years but I’ve never been an iPhone fan. Lots of reasons which don’t really matter here. I should be able to buy the phone I want and the computer I want. Personal choice, capitalism, free markets, competition, etc.

I recently upgraded my Mac OS to the newest version and was disappointed that a couple core features on my Mac broke after the upgrade.

A search indicated many others had this same problem. The suggested remedy was to log out of my Apple ID and log back in.

So I did.

Logged out of my Apple ID.

When I tried to log back in, the login failed.

I don’t log out of my Apple ID on my Macbook ever, I have no reason to. Even if I reboot, it logs back in automatically.

So it has been a couple years. I have crib notes for passwords (as we all do) but to no avail.

Fine. I agree to reset my password.

Well, apparently the Apple execs did not take the same business ethics classes I took. Because Apple requires me to own a second Apple device in order to immediately recover the password. Since I do not, I am penalized. I have to wait two weeks.

Here’s how it works:

The Apple support folks asked me to confirm my recovery phone number and then they asked me if the phone number was associated with an Apple device? No? Well, sorry. Your phone number doesn’t mean anything.

If it were associated with a device carrying our brand it would be fine. But it is not. So we don’t care that the phone number on file for you works with your second device, because we didn’t profit from selling you your second device.

We won’t acknowledge your phone number as a password recovery option because it is associated with a Google phone.



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